Anna Barcis | producer

In 1990, Anna took her first step onto a film set.  A studio filled with hot lights, a team of 50+ crew members, a serene silence after the director called “Action!” -- all interrupted by 10 year old Anna snapping a photo with a flash. “Cut! Who did that?” was the next thing she heard as she received a death glare. Fast forward a couple of decades and it is she who promptly provides the death glares after that holy six-letter word has been declared.

By cutting her teeth on sets of broadcast, commercial productions, Anna refined her organizational and leadership skills to progress into overseeing print and motion projects for regional and national brands. She has had the fortune to extract knowledge from many admired veterans of the industry.

A native of Poland, Anna relocated to Chicago after a decade in South FL. She has travelled to every major US city (and heaps of tiny towns) and completed dozens of projects for clients in NYC, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Austin, Atlanta +.


Lessons & tidbits

  • When in TX, give them tacos. For every meal.
  • If you don't speak their language, give them peanut-butter cups.
  • One can never have too many pens, sharpies & p-touch tape.
  • Most fascinating personality: Joe Pytka
  • Biggest crowd: Barbara Streisand, Back to Brooklyn
  • Memorable handshake: Susan Sarandon
  • Favorites: set vibes, boy dog Henri, labeling things, pen & paper, long drives, talking to strangers, sharing meals with family & friends, making lists.